After reading Kelcie’s beautiful post last night, I was inspired to try my hand at poetry. 

Will you come?
If, at 2 am, my eyes light up
Because sleep has flown, but the stars are bright
And beckon watchers,
Will you come?
When, at early light, the back road calls,
And we had no plans, but the time is right
For small adventures,
Will you come?
Now, at moment’s nudge, to run away
For an hour or so, will you come despite
Our fancied oughts?
Will you come?
Or, better still, oh, precious thought!
Will you take my hand, your own eyes bright,
And say, “let’s go”?

#Blog Wars 2012


  1. Kelcie - August 18, 2012 @ 1:58 pm

    Oh I love this. It’s you, beautifully.

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