Let the Games Begin

What do you get when competitive nerds start tweeting on an introverted Friday night? Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Blog Wars 2012. For the next week, Cory, Kelcie, and I are vying for the title of Most Prolific Blogger. Whoever writes the most posts by next Sunday wins.

While I initially felt at a disadvantage since I’m such a slow writer, I have a plan and am prepared to sacrifice sleep. Competitors be warned: slow and steady, as they say ….

Contest aside, we’re really aiming to better ourselves and our writing through this, and I’m excited to see what comes of it. I’m hoping to push myself creatively and maybe develop more discipline as a writer. We’ve agreed to certain rules which prohibit intentionally sub-par posts, so it should be a week of quality blogging. And if I know anything about Kelcie and Cory, intelligence and wit will be flowing like boxed wine at a redneck dinner party. Seriously, be sure to follow On the Fringes and A Multitude of Drops this week (and always).

With that, Blog Wars will commence at midnight. Game on.

#Blog Wars 2012


  1. Lisa - August 13, 2012 @ 1:50 pm

    ….flowing like boxed wine at a redneck dinner party?? I may have just injured something with the combination snort/laugh that just happened!

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